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Dalya Shaw talks to local school kids about organ donation

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

The subject of organ donation became a hot topic of conversation amongst young people after Ben's passing. As more people heard that Ben at 15 years old became an organ donor, many of his friends and their siblings started asking questions. They wanted to know why? how it worked and what was involved.

As awareness has continued to grow, more and more people of all ages are wanting to hear this inspiring story. The power comes from hearing it directly from someone who has a 'lived experience', in making this life changing decision.

Dalya, Ben's mum, has been a big advocate of Donate Life, She has been involved in many activities including participating in a resource video, which has since been distributed to hundreds of schools around the country.

Dalya is invited to speak on behalf of Donate Life Qld and independently, at numerous locations in front of a wide range of audiences. Her story and journey navigating this decision during an impossible time and living with it since, is a powerful one.

Every talk Dalya presents is real and transparent. Each one is delivered with her hallmark energy and passion. Her stories consistently move her audience and the unbreakable connection and love she has for her son Ben is clearly evident.

Regardless of subject, each talk is created with Ben in mind and in honour of his memory.

You will be inspired and uplifted, but you may want to keep a tissue handy.

For more information or to book Dalya to speak at your event

contact: info@foreverbenshaw or go to:

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